OPEN Energy Centre | Manchester

Sector: Infrastructure

Location: Manchester

Status: Planning consent

Artform Architects has worked with the MEPL to develop designs for a new Energy Centre in south Manchester. The proposal forms a key part of the Octagon Project Energy Network, assisting the local community in reducing carbon emissions, in line with Manchester City Council’s targets to become carbon neutral by 2038.

The wedge-shaped building consists of of a series of connected elements. The approach was to create a building that would positively contribute to the streetscape and offer a fresh new typology that speaks of its use and engages with the community. Large street-facing glazed panels provide an opportunity for
the public to view the internal workings of the Energy Centre, whilst information boards offer an insight into how the building contributes to the reducing carbon consumption in the local area. The external appearance references the industrial nature of the project with a wave-profile, perforated metal skin wrapping the
solid volumes behind. It graduates from darker to lighter shades of green, giving a layered effect to animate the façade.

The scheme was granted full planning consent and has been awarded over £14.6m from Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP), a government funding programme aimed at increasing the number of heat networks built across the UK in order to deliver carbon savings.