Homelands | Manchester

Sector: Residential

Location: Sale, Manchester

Status: Complete

The brief for this small infill residential development was to design a pair of semi-detached family houses on the garden plot of an adjacent mid 20th Century property.  The existing house was also to be extended and remodelled to form a new development of three new homes each with private gardens to the rear and a communal landscaped parking forecourt at the front.

Our approach was to assess the existing context and develop a scheme that respected the established building line and street frontage and fill the gap that existed between properties on either side.  The mix of architectural styles along the street meant that a contemporary addition into the streetscape would be appropriate and help enhance the setting.  The scale, proportions and materiality of the proposed new build houses are therefore all a response to the existing context and local vernacular but arranged and detailed in a more contemporary way.

The houses have been designed as a sensitively considered piece of architecture that results in a positive juxtaposition between the original dwelling and the new 21st century additions and an engaging new addition the residential streetscape.