Bridge House Farm | Pickering

Sector: Leisure

Location: Pickering, North Yorkshire

Status: Planning consent

The brief for this unique project was to retore, repurpose and extend a series of existing farm buildings in order to create a modern rural wedding venue. Located in North Yorkshire near Pickering, the site is surrounded by farmland and has a 150 year history of agricultural use with several of the buildings of grade II listing.

As a result of the rural context and site heritage, our proposal was to restore and retain as much of the existing building fabric as possible and to only extend or replace elements where absolutely needed. All the spaces are oriented around an existing yard which becomes the focal point of the new venue, providing a central courtyard for guest to gather, socialise and celebrate. The new interventions across the site utilise a materiality that is rooted in the site context, combing timber and metal cladding that refences the agricultural setting.